Born in Moscow in 1976, Vasily Klyukin was a successful businessman and founder of a real estate fund, development group and a bank. After 15 years in finances, he decided to retire from this demanding sector and moved to Monaco in 2011, where he took up writing, architecture and design. His architectural concepts are known throughout the world. Sculptures, created by him can be seen in Moscow, London, Monte Carlo, Lucerne, Cannes, and Ibiza. Such people as Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Charles Saatchi, Sir Leonard Blavatnik, Eva Longoria, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others have Klyukin's pieces in their art collections.

In 2013, he published “Designing Legends”, an album of architectural concepts that contained fifty of his visions of future buildings such as towers, office buildings, museums and opera houses.

In 2016, he published a sci-fi novel “Collective Mind”. This is an anti-utopia about creating artificial intelligence, a computer that functions off human brain capacity. The book is translated into English and French, being published across the globe. The sequel of the novel is expected in 2019. Hollywood producer Peter D. Graves has the film adaptation rights to “Collective Mind”. The same year, Vasily began working on his Live Sculptures.

In 2017, his statuette, the Golden Madonina became the official award (Design Prize) at the Milan Design Week. His sculpture The Dancing Fairy from the Muses collection was purchased by Sir Leonard Blavatnik at the Cannes amfAR event. Vasily's 3-meter-long tiger (named 6/9) from the Live Sculptures collection was purchased by Leonardo DiCaprio at DiCaprio’s auction dedicated to saving the endangered species.

In August of 2017, the installation named The Beating Heart was introduced at the Burning Man festival, as well as the Synergy Global Forum in New York’s Madison Square Garden. In 2018, his sculpture Exdominator will become part of an exhibition in Noto, Sicily, being shipped to the Venice Biennale after that.

In September, 2018, Klyukin created the sculpture Why People Can’t Fly, which is partially made of plastic waste collected in over 150 countries. It was presented and sold at the Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean in Monaco. All proceeds will go to fund an even to protect the world ocean.

Vasily Vasilyevich