Vasily Klyukin was born in Moscow (Russia), in 1976. Over the years he has become a notable figure in the world of art, architecture and sculpture.

The highlights from Klyukin’s artistic career include the publishing of an album of architectural concepts, Designing Legends, dating to 2013. In 2017, the artist designed The Golden Madonnina statue, which succeeded in becoming the official Design Prize award at Milan Design Week. The same year, Klyukin contributed to the Burning Man Festival, through on-site installation of the Beating Heart statue at the event. The highlight of 2018 was the opening of his solo exhibition, ‘In Dante Veritas,’ at the State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) and the sculptural park, ‘La Collection’ Air’ in Luzern (Switzerland).

The artist is also a famous defender of the environment and dealing with the ecological problems. Inevitably, environmental themes are predominant in Klyukin’s art. The creation of the Why People Can’t Fly sculpture in 2018, certainly did justice to the cause. The model depicts waste-filled balloons, more specifically plastic waste from over 150 countries, holding down the human being. The work will soon be exhibited at the Burning Man festival in 2019. The year also features one of artist’s personal exhibitions of sculptures, In Dante Veritas, taking place in Venice, from May to November 2019. Being a well-known and respected artist, Klyukin’s works are located throughout the world, including: Moscow, London, Monte Carlo, Cannes and Ibiza.

The artist’s support for amfAR, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, allows his art to be found at charity auctions world wide.

Vasily Vasilyevich