Top Secret Agent Villa

The design of this building is recovered from the story of the person, whose name I can't provide. I'm not even sure that I was given the real name. I promised not to reveal the age and gender as well. Let's just call him/her a Source.
The source was there once, and is unlikely to be there again. He/she became a witness of a crime, and was hidden at this secret facility for 2 weeks.
A few hours of the helicopter flight at night, roof landing, and no extraneous eyes at all...perhaps, except for the birds.
I could not show the results of my sketches to the Source, so I do not know how accurately this villa is reproduced, either the lines and shapes are precise enough. Even though, I made at least 2 dozen of sketches over half an hour of our conversation.
If the Source will accidentally see this concept published, I sincerely ask him/her to contact me and to suggest any corrections needed.
The real surroundings of this house are not known to me, that is why I modeled what could be the best fit for it - the quiet and secluded place away from the prying eyes.