21 st Century Notre-Dame de Paris.

The spiritual heart of Paris was being built on the Ile de la Cité from 1163 till 1345.
Last year marked 850 years since laying the first stone!

For almost 200 years many different architects participated in the construction of the cathedral: it is the Gothic style along with Romanesque architecture features.

I was trying not to change the recognizable parts of the cathedral - only the materials - instead of stone and stained glass I have used concrete, metal and glass. I didn't reproduce the numerous facade ornaments and didn't decorate the stained glass as well.
I wanted to see how would the Notre Dame de Paris look like, if it was built in the XXI Century.

The history of the cathedral is very interesting. For instance, the cathedral was planned to be built with the spiers, which ultimately were not added, because the result was recognized harmonious enough without it. I have shown these spiers in my concept, just to remind about this interesting idea.