Rose Pavillion

Roses are the most beautiful flowers and they are a gift of those who are in love. Since I’m in love with architecture I would like to make this gift to a city in the world.
Every celebration or special event cannot do without these flowers originate from ancient Rome since roses are the best decoration. In art these flowers have inspired many painters and I want to interpret them in architecture to create an adornment for a city.
Roses Pavilion is a bunch of roses made of glass and metal. In the evening time the interior lighting can change the color that will depend on desire and mood. The bunch can be simply red, yellow, white as well as it can combine dozens of various shades of roses.
As for its functionality it can enclose a flower shop and a woman spa as well as modern art house or a museum of jewelry.
Visitors will be literally full of flowers; the ventilation system will full all the building with the scent.
Will this Pavilion be built? It will, if it finds a plot of land. Otherwise this concept will forever remain a set of pictures but it will probably inspire someone to implement their own artistic design.
Vasily Klyukin

Vasily Klyukin is a Russian architect, a futuristic designer and a writer. He lives in Monaco. He has released many architectural concepts, projects of villas and yachts in the Internet. In 2016 he wrote a sci-fi novel Collective Mind that tells about the society living under the artificial intelligence.