“O Ancient Rome! Tell us the legend of the Gladiolus, the flower of all Gladiators...”
The legend goes that gladioluses grew from the swords of warriors held captive by the Romans. A cruel Roman captain captured Thracian soldiers and turned them into gladiators. Two young prisoners, Sevt and Teres formed a strong friendship, brought together by yearning for the motherland and shared suffering at the loss of their freedom and the humiliation of being made slaves.

Wanting to entertain the public, the cruel general made the friends fight one another, promising to reward the winner with the right to return to his homeland.
Curious citizens came in their masses to watch the fight. As soon as the horns had sounded to summon the warriors, both Sevt and Teres threw their swords down to the ground and threw themselves at each other in a huge embrace. They were sentenced to death. As soon as the bodies of the condemned touched the ground, their swords put down roots and flowered, turning into tall and beautiful flowers.