Top Sexy Tower NYC

This concept is very extravagant, even for the modern World. Someone will be shocked by this idea, someone will find it beautiful and sexy, someone - vulgar, but everybody, without an exception, would want to observe such a tower or visit it at least once in a lifetime. If this building will become a hotel, - it will always be crowded. I personally would like to live in this tower.

Skyscrapers and towers are the highest and most recognizable symbols of modern cities. It forms the image of the city. And if to dream a little and to imagine where my Top Sexy Tower should be located, the choice is wide, but there is no choice at the same time. It's obvious for me, this skyscraper should be in Manhattan!

New York is the city everyone wants to visit, to live there or at least to stay for a while. The world capital of fashion and finance, the most modern and energetic, the show-city. Only those are leaving who couldn't stand the pace, or could not catch on here, but the rest of the world would like to move here.

The entire NY is beautified with skyscrapers, that look like long sexy legs of those top models, who live and work here. In New York, there are the headquarters of American IMG, WOMEN, NEXT, DNA, FORD, as well as the large office of French company ELIT. And this is only the top agencies, not counting the hundreds of others. Here is the Broadway and Wall Street.
The higher it gets, the more breathtaking it is and this is applicable to the skyscrapers, as well as to the models' legs, as well as to the Wall Street quotes.
If the competition for the sexiest city in the world was held, I have no doubt in victory of New York City. That's why it is more correct to name my concept - Top Sexy Tower NYC.