Cars as canvas: Piet Mondrian
Autosalon "Mondrian"

All of us have our own color of walls at home, own furniture, paintings, pictures and sculptures. However, our offices are more universal and monotonous, there isn't much of opportunity to share our identity, our taste. Here, we can only have different wallpapers on identical computers.

Besides home and work, we spend an essential part of our life on the road. Buses, trains and taxis dazzle with advertizing, selling us something, trying to impose somebody's taste on us. We can see cars through the windows - white, black, blue, silvery.

But now, it is possible to change the color of the car in a couple of hours and do it every year.

If the car is canvas, then mine will have Pete Mondrian on it, and if there are many like mine, then I will see huge mobile gallery from my window: incessantly design changing auto traffic. So, car showrooms of avant-gardists are to become popular.
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Mondrian lift
New York run, not by a politician, but a cultural icon that has inhabited the homes and hearts of people across the globe: barbie. The famous female figure is envisioned as the big apple’s new mayor, renaming the island ‘barbiehattan’ and re-configuring the master plan of the city.