22 representations of human sin

uman sins from Inferno, the first part of Devine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

LIMBO: An aged man whose clothes are covered in letters of Scythians, Maya, Inca and other pagans. He walks with his staff in hand, not understanding that his head is twisted back, and he can’t see the truth.

FORNICATION: He led a dissolute life, indulging his animal instincts, and now he sits chained like a dog.

GLUTTONY: So fat that it is impossible to understand if it’s a man or a woman. Hungry, it continues to eat, but in the absence of food it is forced to eat its own excrement.

PARSIMONY AND WASTE : Two parts of one sin. The left half is bent under the weight of its huge bag. The right has an empty bag, which is just as heavy.

ANGER: Red from screaming, this aggressive man yelled so hard that there’s a hole in his chest and his tired throat is bleeding.

GLOOM: His clothes are too long and worn-out, he looks like a clown bombarded with scraps and shunned for his inability to rejoice or be happy.

HERETIC: This man has turned into a stub, eaten by bugs. Moldering, he still prays to his gods, but they do not exist so nobody hears him.

The sickly SUICIDE, who didn't appreciate his life, moans and cries. Remorseful, he pulled his hair with such force that he broke himself in half.

CONQUEROR: A tyrant, rapist and murderer. The blood on his hands will never dry.

BLASPHEMER: One who sneered at the Cross and broke it, just to be pierced by its splinters and who was turned into a Chimera pig, sneered at by others.

SEDUCTION: A girl deprived of sexuality, who has no face or breasts, no frontal part of the body at all. Everyone has their own delusion. It’s a mirror where you see your own reflection.

TEMPTATION: A handsome, perfectly built athlete, with chopped off genitals.

FLATTERER: A toad that vomits waste. Such is the cost of words that this sinner spoke in his life.

SIMONIAC: A priest whose ceremonial clothes turned black. There is no cross with him because he exchanged it for gold.

WITCHCRAFT: A wizard whose clothes are decorated with zodiac signs, he fails to see his own destiny.

BRIBE TAKER: A ubiquitous cockroach whose greed will never be filled

HYPOCRITE: The devil covering his true essence with different beautiful masks.

Headless DECEPTION makes a helpless gesture with his rusty empty hands. The truth is that he hid his head behind his back.

PROVOCATEUR: He has a silhouette of an angel, but when you get closer, you see that he is weaved from a web, enticing you to go somewhere, from where you can’t return.

INSTIGATOR is a fire. A woman, who is the reason for discord, can be seen in the flames.

Testimonies of the PERJURER pour down like sand. Everything that is based on his words also turns into sand, just as he will return to the dust.

BETRAYAL: He wants to support you and hold you close. But his embrace is deadly because his chest is covered with knives.