The Four horsemen of Apocalypse

Overpopulation, Misinformation, Extermitation, and Pollution are the new names of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
They are getting closer, so close that you can hear the clatter of their hooves in the roar of every tailpipe and in the sound of every coin. You can see their faces in every light bulb that is left on.
Sinister, they look through every deceitful article in the media and draw strength while breathing in massive amounts of emissions we produce. They feed off every single dump we make, the biggest one of which is in the Pacific Ocean, spreading for 1.5 million square kilometers. Imagine hundreds of miles of floating plastic! And now imagine that almost nobody knows about it!
Humanity has become the cancer of our planet, its parasite, its termite. We consume everything we can, occupying more and more space, producing tons of waste... And it’s never enough! We are not willing to face the truth, we are too busy. We are not ready to change – it’s too difficult and we have no time. We sin forgetting that there are consequences and that redemption has to be earned. 
We live convinced there is no God and no such thing as sins. We think there is just death and no punishment. If someone convinced us that there are Heaven and Hell, every one of us would be paralyzed with fear, understanding that the gates of Hell are already welcoming us.
It is impossible to change anyone but yourself or your children. I, for one, do want to change. I want to stop. By myself, without relying on others. Today, not tomorrow, not later. Any day is 
good, and the best day to start changing is today.
The Horsemen of Apocalypse are very close, yet I have time to face them. Having understood my sins and become afraid of them, I will defeat them inside me. When I read Dante, I saw what destiny awaits me, how I can be punished, and what I will have to face if I go on unchanged.