“This person is me. I, like the majority of us, have a baggage of problems and worries that drag me down. I don’t feel I can fly despite the current technological and scientific advances. I can’t fly spiritually, as I’m being pulled down by my obligations and my inner immaturity. I’m not the only one with such issues — each one of us has anchors that weigh us down. Financial, household and personal problems are at the base of each of our lives. Neither humanity as a whole, nor any person individually, will be able to fly until we change collectively! It’s the seven deadly sins that underline our problems. These can be our own sins, or the sins of those whom we depend and rely on. Most of us however, have a new, eighth sin – NOT KEEPING OUR HOME CLEAN! Planet Earth is our home. Every year each of us produces nearly a ton of waste that isn’t recycled and the horsemen of the Apocalypse are coming for us! Inferno is what follows… The great Dante described Inferno as nine circles of hell, a place where punishment awaits for the majority of us. This punishment is distributed based on the severity of our earthly sins. My Inferno is the guide for my soul. The mirrors that reflect our sins can show us who we really are and help us understand what we need to do to change. They can also help us see others. If you look vice in the face, it is easier to fight it.”
Why People Can’t Fly by Vasily Klyukin is a mixed-media sculpture depicting glass balloons on the ground that are anchoring a child, hanging upside down, so that he is not able to fly away. While initially the balloons seem beautiful and colorful, upon closer inspection, you see that they are filled with trash. This trash, part of the artwork itself, was collected from some of the most polluted places across our planet with the help of environmentally-concerned people who volunteered for this project having heard of it by word-of-mouth and through social media. These volunteers represent the masses who are willing to be united for a cause.