The vision of the author:

“This person is myself. And I, much like most of us, have baggage of problems and worries that drag me down. And I don’t feel like I can fly, despite the current technological and scientific advances. I can’t fly spiritually, because I’m being pulled down by my obligations and my inner immaturity.
I’m not the only one with a similar issue—each of us has baggage that weighs us down. Financial, household, personal problems are at the base of each of our lives. Humanity in general, and every person separately will not be able to fly until we change!
Seven sins underline our problems. These are our own sins, or the sins of those people on whom we rely and depend. But most of us have a new, eighth sin—NOT KEEPING OUR HOME CLEAN! This home is our planet—Earth. Each year every one of us produces nearly a ton of trash that isn’t recycled, and the horsemen of Apocalypse are coming for us! And Inferno follows...
The great Dante described Inferno as consisting of 9 circles of hell, where all of us are being awaited by punishment that depends on how grave our sins were. My Inferno is the guide for my soul. The mirrors that reflect sins can show us who we are and help us understand what we do. Or they can help us see others. If you look vice in the face, it’s easier to fight it".