Why People Cant Fly

The vision of the author

«In my opinion, the problem of plastic and pollution is the most important.
If the planet dies, it will end corruption, politics and wars at once. There will be neither
cancer, nor leukemia, nor AIDS.
The population continues to grow and at the same time the quantity of the garbage made by people
grows too, including non-organic trash that is unbale to decompose fast, and plastic among it is
the major problem.
People aren't able to stop using plastic because its quantity in our life is not controlled by us,
but producers of various goods. We don't decide and we don't order what to make from and what to
pack into.
However it is wrong to call people absolutely powerless, all of us have a choice: to buy water in a
10-liter reusable canister or 20 disposable bottles of
0.5 liters, or to buy a glass bottle or a plastic one.
We can draw an analogy to smoking or racism when the people, not state politicians, have changed
their and subsequently the world's mentality.
Corporations save and make money: plastic is lighter and cheaper than glass, it doesn't break, it
is convenient to store in vending devices.»