Moscow, Vienna, Malaga, Monaco
Being part of the Crypto series, 413 is a 4 .5 - meter - high and 413 cm in diameter brass outdoor sculpture by Vasily Klyukin. The artpiece was exhibited in the center of Vienna in front of the Kunstforum Bank Austria building, where Klyukin's solo exhibition "Civilization. The Island of the Day Before.» Next location is Spain, where it is on display in front of the entrance to The Branch of the State Russian museum in Malaga since October 29, 2021.

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In t he words of Albert Einstein: «Only those who attempt the most absurd, can achieve the impossible».
Title: 413 (Big Ego), 2019-2020
Series: Crypto
Sculpture: Ø 413
Podium: 314 x 314 cm
Medium: Brass on a granite podium
from March 1 5 , 2021