Capital towers, Moscow city
Being part of the Crypto series, 413 is a 4 .5 - meter - high and 413cm in diameter brass outdoor sculpture by Vasily Klyukin , which is currently on display at the entrance of Capital Towers in Moscow City, as a pearl of the artist's solo exhibition " Mind port " inside the towers. And i t really is a Big Ego. Only with such ego and grand ambitions can you truly make the world go around, build an empire and reach the highest summits . Error HTTP 413 (Payload Too Large error) means that the request entity is larger than limits defined by the server. However, it is not a mistake but a barrier, as in reality, limits do not exist. In t he words of Albert Einstein: «Only those who attempt the most absurd, can achieve the impossible».
Title: 413 (Big Ego), 2019-2020
Series: Crypto
Sculpture: Ø 413
Podium: 314 x 314 cm
Medium: Brass on a stone covered podium
on view from March 1 5 , 2021