Osthaus museum Hagen, Germany
In 2022 the Osthaus Museum is showing a large solo exhibition by the Moscow-born artist Vasily Klyukin. Two of his large-format sculptures: Gluttony and Big Bang are already installed on loan in the entrance area of the museum.

Gluttony was made in the "Live Sculpture technique" typical for him. It is part of the world-famous collection "In Dante Veritas", which was shown by the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg in the area of the Arsenale on the occasion of the Venice Biennale 2019. Big Bang, a large-format three-dimensional mural (6 x 1.84 m) from the artist's Embryo series, is being shown in a museum for the first time.

Embryo consists of a series of wall sculptures that include studies of inorganic matter, the natural properties of things, various phenomena and their relationships within our universe. The artist contrasts this series with his own "organic" series Crypto, which includes objects that convey the depth and breadth of life, its range of colors and forms of expression. Conversely, Embryo shows the greatest forces of existence, which despite their enormous power are nevertheless not able to understand life.

At the opening of the exhibition, a joint work by Vasily Klyukin and the well-known German artist Bernd Schwarzer was presented, which was created as part of their creative collaboration.
Title: Big Bang
Year: 2019 - 2021
Series: Embryo
Dimensions: 600х184 cm
Medium: Mixed media

Title: Gluttony
Year: 2018
Collection: In Dante Veritas
Dimensions: 249x100x102 cm
Medium: Steel, paint
on view from June 1 5 , 2021