Osthaus Museum Hagen, Germany
With a large solo exhibition, the Osthaus Museum Hagen celebrated the first presentation of Vasily Klyukin's sculptural works under the title: Mind Space.

Over 250 large and small three-dimensional works were on display in the large rooms of the museum. Vasily Klyukin is no stranger to the Osthaus Museum. For the past two years, the museum has enjoyed two large loans, which - visible from the outside - are placed in the entrance area and attract the attention of all visitors.

For this exhibition Vasily created new intricate art forms, for example, the installation "Embryo Composition (MLCL HLSTN)", which consists of 144 half-meter-high wall sculptures alone. The viewer was also able to see the metaphorical black "obelisks" that reach a height of 7.3 meters.

One of the artist's two 4.5-meter-high brass sculptures, titled "413," which was on display in front of the Kunstforum in Vienna in 2021, now placed at the museum entrance.

Upon entering the impressive halls of the museum, viewers witnessed a paradoxical symbiosis in which the physical exterior space "merges with the mental interior space" of the artist. Klyukin used it and filled it with specially created sculptural volumes and forms that contained encrypted messages.

Dr. Tayfun Belgin, the museum's director, expresses his enthusiasm for Klyukin's work:

"The Osthaus Museum, the successor to the legendary Hagen Folkwang Museum founded in 1902, was founded a few months after the end of the war, on December 22, 1945, with the classic tasks: collecting, researching and presenting. The Osthaus Folkwang idea focused on the art of contemporaries. Today we have no intention of changing this direction and will continue to present to the public works by contemporary artists who are often in some ways ahead of their time. In this context, we are pleased to present a large-scale solo exhibition of sculptor Vasily Klyukin, created specifically for our spaces. Vasily Klyukin has recognized the importance of this place and has drawn on his architectural skills."

You can check out the exhibition announcement on the museum's website.


30 September 2022 - 29 January 2023